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Queen Marie of Romania

A few years after the First World War, Queen Marie of Romania was asked to write an article for ‘The Graphic’ entitled “What the Future Holds. Monarchy”. There she was of the view that monarchies are essential as rallying points for the peoples of the countries of Eastern Europe, and that after the onslaught of the Great War and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia monarchy will rise once more in serener skies as a star of hope to which all will turn. Marie recognised with her specific vanity that she had become a sort of a philosophical thinker, discussing the fate of those thrones in the aftermath of the Great War. Among the opinions uttered by Marie, there was an interesting appreciation on the monarch’s mission, which I find it worth to present on my blog:

Every king today takes his life in his hand, and has to face the music. He knows that the world is sitting in judgment upon his caste, wondering if his time is not passing, if one had not better get on without him, or try something else, something newer, more in keeping with our democratic times.

He is not asked what he thinks or feels about it, but I for one have just this word to say: I look on quietly from my height upon all your struggles, debates and improvements, at the chaos brought about by your violent changes, and this is the conclusion I have come to: your desperate efforts to find something better than monarchy make me believe ever more firmly that our day is far from being over. I think the world is going through a period of extreme unrest which resembles drunkenness; a drunkenness which is bound, however to sober down finally, and of which the natural reaction will be a desire of order, peace, stability; for something which is undeniably recognized and that will be a guaranty of quiet, of continuity.

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