Happy Birthday to HRH Prince Nicholas of Romania!


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HRH Prince Nicholas with his grandfather HM King Michael of Romania, 14 June 2010 (Diana Mandache’s Weblog: Royal History) Photo by Valentin Mandache

A Very Happy Birthday to HRH Prince Nicholas! 1 April 2015

A snapshot from the wonderful ceremonial and reception that took place at the Elisabeta Palace in Bucharest (14 June 2010) when HRH Prince Nicholas of Romania has been decorated by HM King Michael with the order “Nihil Sine Deo”.


I endeavor to bring to light worthy of note, often less known images from the royal past and present and thus further enhance the understanding of royal history and what it represents for us.

Photo©Valentin Mandache

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New Book: “The Entitlement to Rule” by Stephen Kerr


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 “Knowledge is power.  It opens up the limitless possibilities of the future”

Dr. Stephen Kerr’s book The Entitlement to Rule: Legal, Non-Territorial Sovereignty in International Law” is one of those singular, path breaking works that throws new light on a field of study, in this case, as its title indicates, on the complex legal and philosophical sinews that keep alive monarchies, which through the upheavals of history, have lost their sovereign role. The volume is an excellent structured collection of ideas and interpretations, which brings in a logical and easy to follow manner multiple aspects of international law, history, and symbolism of monarchies in the special situation of deposed monarchs, the complex problematic surrounding their status and interaction with their home and host states and nations. This type of writing fills a huge gap within the royal studies field, more acute so as a series of monarchs were deposed and often reinstated during ferment periods that followed the great conflagrations of the 20th century.

Dr. Stephen Kerr is most qualified to undertake the task of writing such a volume in the light of his experience as a professor of international public law and work as a special counsel to the Imperial and Royal House of Habsburg. He magisterially expounds the multifaceted status of the deposed monarchs, which requires in depth knowledge of monarchic legal rights and principles, ranging from natural to international and constitutional law, rules and laws of succession, sovereign rights and legal responsibilities or political theory notions of divine right of kings. The sovereignty is the heart and soul of a monarchical institution, as much as the “the sovereign is the soul of society”. For all those legal rights and moral values the royal families have the right to be seen as fons honorum. This book is also a model to understanding the future of the monarchies, the values that stand at the foundation of the kingly rules and their functioning mechanisms.

I highly recommend this first class writing that has relevance not only to those interested in royal studies, but also to the wider fields of history and legal studies. Diana Mandache

The Royal Palace and King Carol I Foundation, Bucharest December 1989


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The royal palace and King Carol I Foundation were badly affected by machine-gun fire exchanges during the Romanian Revolution when Ceausescu was toppled from power, December 1989.


I endeavour in the “Weekly Pictures” post series to bring to light worthy of note, often less known images from the royal past and present and thus further enhance the understanding of royal history and what it represents for us.


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Olive Schreiner mentioned in Queen Marie’s writings



“Holiness is an infinite compassion for others; 

Greatness is to take the common things of life

and walk truly among them. 

Happiness is a great love and much serving”.

This is one of the favourite quotations from Olive Schreiner mentioned by Queen Marie of Romania.

New Book: The Balchik of Queen Marie


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Diana Mandache, “The Balchik of Queen Marie”, Curtea Veche Publishing, Book Launch 22 November 2014

Diana Mandache, “The Balchik of Queen Marie”, 204 pp, 201 ill. (Sepia & colour), Curtea Veche Publishing, 2014, hardback, dust jacket, 1st edition (Romanian language)

The text is structured over seven chapters:

  • “Overseas” (The Duke of Edinburgh, Marie at Osborne, Eastwell, Malta, Fabron. Heraldry and symbols);
  • “In search of Paradise” (The Marriage, Cotroceni Palace – The Image of a New Identity),
  • “Queen Marie’s Balchik (The Orient of Romania, Photographers. American delegation, Tenha Yuvah of the Sultana)
  • “From Paradise: letters, journal, photographs” (Roxo Weingartner. “Vahdah”, Regency, Visits, Eugen Zwiedinek, Ray Baker Harris, Madonna Stella Maris)
  • “The Queen’s Heart” (Funerals, Will, Mignon’s inquire in England, Stella Maris, Carol and Michael at Balchik)
  • Tenha Yuvah after the Treaty of Craiova” (Royal Property, Romanian Urban Property, Holiday home for writers in communist Bulgaria, Cultural Center “Dvoretsa”);
  • “Diplomatic documents”

Sources of documents and photographs. Notes

This new book is based on new sources which bring to light a novel understanding of the vision of the Romanian Queen for the creation of her Fool’s Paradise, as she called the new residence on the Black Sea shore in the interwar period. The text is accompanied by photographs from various sources, mainly from Queen Marie’s diary. The Balchik of Queen Marie thus becomes an imago mundi whilst her marine royal residence “Tenha Yuvah” (The Solitary Nest) stands as the center of the world, being the home reuniting important personalities from her inner circle and also from royal history (King Ferdinand of Romania, Victoria Melita, Sandra of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, Beatrice Infanta of Spain, Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, King Alexander II of Yugoslavia, King Peter II of Yugoslavia, Ileana, Princess of Romania and Archduchess of Austria, Anton Archduke of Austria, King Carol II of Romania, Crown Prince Michael of Romania, Princess Helen of Romania). I also found information about King George V, Queen Mary,  King George VI, or about the Edinburghs at Eastwell, Osborne, Fabron, in Malta, etc. Past times, royalty and politics, the magnificent royal gardens of the Balchick royal estate, all of these recall a glorious period from this part of the world, the Queen’s views on international politics and events in the 1930s. Marie asked in her will to have her heart interred at Stella Maris chapel on the grounds of her Black Sea estate. As a consequence of the changing of the frontieres in 1940 and loss of that territory by Romania, a new destiny started for her former sea shore domain. The diplomatic documents that I unearthed, from the tumultuous period 1940-1948 also reveal the evolution on the property, a fate that was in the end decided by the communist regimes of Romania and Bulgaria. This volume is a book about royal destinies, royal heritage, historic architecture and the beautiful riviera of interwar Romania, Balchik is now a part of Bulgaria after the Treaty of Craiova concluded in September 1940. Today the former royal estate is a Cultural Center in the neighbouring country, a magnet for Romanian tourists and also for many travellers all over the world fascinated by the multifaceted personality of Romania’s great queen.


see also http://royalbooknews.blogspot.ro/2015/02/balcicul-reginei-maria-by-diana-mandache.html 

Book Launch invitation: “The Balchik of Queen Marie”


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Your are kindly invited to the book launch of my latest work: “The Balchik of Queen Marie”. His Royal Highness Prince Radu of Romania will attend the event.

Speakers: Stelian Tanase, Andrei Muraru, Diana Mandache

Book signing

Saturday 22 November, 3.45 pm at Romexpo (Bucharest), The Gaudeamus Book Fair International – Curtea Veche Publishing


HM King Michael of Romania: 93rd Birthday Anniversary

I would like to wish HM King Michael of Romania a very happy 93rd birthday!