The funeral of HIRH Maria Magdalena v. Holzhausen, Archduchess of Austria

Baroness Maria Magdalena von Holzhausen, Archduchess of Austria, Dame of honour and devotion of the Sovereign Order of Malta, passed away on 18 August 2021.

The family will pray the Holy Rosary on 8 September at 6 pm in the Margaret Chapel in St. Petersfriedhof, Salzburg. The Holy Requiem and the burial will take place on 9 September at 2 pm in St. Peter’s Abbey, Salzburg . A Holy Mass will be read also on September 24 at 4.30 pm in St. Michael’s Church, Vienna.

My condolonces to the family

Rest in peace, dear Archduchess! You will be remembered and honoured!

Baroness Maria Magdalena von Holzhausen has died today


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Archduchess Maria Magdalena

Baroness Maria Magdalena (Magi) von Holzhausen, Archduchess of Austria (b. 2 October 1939) has died today in Salzburg. She was the daughter of Princess Ileana of Romania, Archduchess of Austria and of Archduke Anton of Austria.

May God rest her soul in peace. I will always remember her kind soul and personality! Condolences to the family!

Rest in Peace, dear Archduchess!

Baroness Maria Magdalena von Holzhausen & Baron Hans von Holzhausen, Bucharest, 3 November 2015. Photo Diana Mandache

Princess Olga of Yugoslavia. Her Life and Times, by Robert Prentice

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