Obituarium Regina Ana 

Obituary. Anne of Romania (1923-2016)
A Queen in Exile

Diana Mandache: Jurnal de Istoric (din 2008)

Articolul meu dedicat Reginei Ana – RDQ/3 – Obituarium

Obituary – Anne of Romania (1923-2016). A Queen in Exile by Diana Mandache

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Queen Anne of Romania has died today


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Queen Anne of Romania (nee Princess Anne of Bourbon Parma)

Queen Anne of Romania has died today. Rest in peace!

Queen Anne’s exemplary life, from her education and remarkable modesty in the spirit of the catholic church, to the meritorious service during the Second World War in the French Forces, and sacrifices endured with dignity during the long exile together with her husband, King Michael of Romania, is an ideal worth emulating for us all.

New Book: ‘Exilul Regelui’ – The King’s Exile


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Exilul Regelui by DM, publisher: Curtea Veche Publishing, June 2016. Romanian language only. 386 pages (color photos – 16 pages).

My new book entitled ‘Exilul Regelui’ (The King’s Exile), was published a short while ago by Curtea Veche Publishing. It is presented as a softcover (with flaps) volume containing 386 pages, including 16 pages of photos. The book details King Michael’s exile period, together with that the Romanian political emigration connected with the monarch, permanently spied on by Romania’s communist regime’s secret services. It gathers in one place previously unpublished documents from the archives of the former communist secret services, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.


1.      Monarchy and exile (Sovereigns and rights; The fears instilled to the communists by the Juan Carlos model; Historical experiences: matrimonial alliances and dynasties, losing the throne; The Commencing of the exile, and the repudiation of abdication);

2.      The King and his family (Royal marriage; the New family; the King’s mother; Uncle Pavlos; aunt Irene; The King in England; Celebrations; The Princesses in exile; Imago mundi, etc);

3.     The Sovereign, the 10th May [former national day] and the government in exile (Rivalry; Radescu and the King; the new Romanian National Committee and Visoianu; Kersten Committee; The Exile between survival and surveillance; Crossroads)


4.      Files, agents and codes (The King’s File; Complementary files; Nicolette Franck)

5.      «Liberté pour la Roumanie!» (Switzerland, the heart of exile; Revolution and post-communism)


Documents (most from the communist secret services files and the diplomatic archives of Romania, USA; also extracts from the international press of the time relevant to the subject; transcripts from the Voice of America, Free Europe, BBC; transcriptions of King Michael’s interviews)


Bibliography; Index.

Book Launch: Exilul Regelui – The King’s Exile


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Your are kindly invited to the book launch of my latest work: “Exilul Regelui” – The King’s Exile. Speakers: Indrei Ratiu, Andrei Muraru, Diana Mandache

The King's Exile_Diana Mandache

Book signing

Saturday 4 June, 5 pm at Bookfest – Curtea Veche Publishing, Pavilion C2 (Romexpo), Bucharest




100 years ago, the Romanian National Day – 10 May 1916



The Romanian celebrations of National Day – 10 May 1916 – cavalry passing in review before King Ferdinand. Being in the nature of a military review the Romanian National Day celebrations were mainly of a warlike character. The war in which Europe was involved gave that year a wider significance than before. The celebrations were mainly in the nature of a ‘preparedness for war’ demonstration.

A mobile anti-aircraft battery in the Romanian demonstration.