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Bucharest during the German occupation, winter 1917/1918

Bucharest during the German occupation, winter 1917/1918

1 December 1918

King Ferdinand & Queen Marie, 1 Dec 1918 Bucharest (Diana Mandache collection)

“Yes, we were actually back! The long nightmare was over, we had returned to our home victorious: Greater Romania was a fact, and we were hailed as the first King and Queen of all the Romanians… Everywhere new situations had sprung up, the map of Europe had changed, thrones had crumbled, and readjustment after such a frightful upheaval was uneasy work … After two years’ occupation, Romania had been mercilessly plundered; the enemy had laid hands upon absolutely everything. Food was becoming scarcer and scarcer; we were once more facing famine. The shops were empty, even the most elementary necessities could not be had for love nor money. No material for clothes, no shoes, no soap, no medicine!… Between our country and those of our allies lay the lands of the defeated, with uncertain frontiers and Bolshevism raging al around us. The old order of things had been overthrown and the new map of Europe had not yet taken definite shape …” [Source: “Later Chapters of My Life. The Lost Memoir of Queen Marie of Romania”, 2004, Diana Mandache]

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