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King George V remained friends to his cousin Missy, a fact seen through their correspondence during WWI, and after. They wrote to each other more often on personal subjects rather than state matters and did not forget their family ties. Queen Mary too wrote to Missy on different occasions. Even as late as the 1934 Missy went at their invitation to Balmoral, the castle she has seen last time in her childhood. King Ferdinand of Romania, Marie’s husband, was much appreciated by the British royal family, also because for his country’s joining the Allied cause during the First World War.


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Queen Mary & Princess Elizabeth

I would like to present you here a small token of the friendship between these royals: a movingly written card by Mary to Missy, dating from December 1927, a few months after Ferdinand’s death (July 1927). The image shows Queen Mary (May) together with her granddaughter Princess Elizabeth, today Queen Elizabeth II. The text reads as follow:

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