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Romanian Royal Coat of Arms, late 19th century - Diana Manche collection

Romanian Royal Coat of Arms, late 19th century, chromolithography from NYPL

 Quarterly: 1. Azure, an eagle displayed, holding a sceptre, sword, and cross, in dexter chief a sun or (Wallachia); 2. Gules, a bull’s head caboshed [i.e. full-faced and showing no part of the neck], between its horns a star, and in sinister chief a crescent increscent or (Moldavia); 3. Gules, on an open crown a lion rampant crowned and holding a star or (Craiova, capital of Oltenia or little Wallachia); 4. Azure, two dolphins affrontes, heads in base, tails in chief (Dobrudja). Over all Hohenzollern (quarterly, Argent and sable).

Hohenzollern’s Motto: Nihil Sine Deo (Nothing without God)

The Crown of Romania, known as Couronne d’Acier, was made from the steel of a Turkish gun captured during the War of Independence and was used at the Coronation of the first King Carol I on 10/22 May 1881 and again at the Coronation of King Ferdinand on 15 October 1922. The Crown of Romania contains no precious metal and is unadorned with jewels or enamel work.

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