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The Salon of Royal Artists in Brussels showed paintings, objects of applied art and statuary.

Queen Elizabeth of Romania

Queen Elizabeth of Romania


The sculptures of Queen Elizabeth of Romania (Carmen Sylva) were a centre of interest at the exhibition. Queen Elizabeth showed several marble busts, and the most striking is of Emperor Franz Joseph.

Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands exhibited some watercolour lower studies at the Salon. Princess Waldemar of Denmark, a Bourbon Princess, exhibited a series of animal studies. The Duchess d’Orleans, France’s uncrowned Queen, has been distinctly original in her exhibit, which consists of a series of carved ivory statuettes of famous Bourbon Kings, including Henry IV, Louis XIV, and Louis XV. Prince Nicholas of Montenegro had some landscapes of the Black Mountain principality, and a portrait of his daughter, Queen Helen of Italy. Prince Eugene of Sweden exhibited several typical Swedish landscapes. He also showed a series of artistic panels, intended for various village schools of Sweden, the Prince being a strong advocate of the art for the people’s movement in his native country. Queen Amelie of Portugal contributed some watercolour bird studies. Prince Henry of Holland had perhaps the most unique exhibit at the Salon, an illuminated edition of “The Thousand and One Nights”.

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