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Crown-of-Romania Great Star

The Order of the Crown of Romania was instituted on March 14 1881 by King Carol I and awarded for outstanding service to the Kingdom.  The medal consists of a red enameled Maltese cross bordered in white.  The center medallion is also enameled in red outlined in white.   Around the edge of the center medallion is the following sentence: ‘Prin noi insine‘ (Through Ourselves), and the date when the order was instituted: 14 March 1881.  The reverse has the inscription: “10 May” (the date when Carol I arrived first time in Romania and later proclaimed by the parliament as Romania’s National Day) in the center of the medallion.  Around the edges the years 1866-1877-1881 are mentioned.  1866 is the year when Carol I arrived in the country, 1877 when Romania declared its independence and in 1881 Romania was proclaimed a Kingdom by the Parliament. ©Diana Mandache

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