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In the film footage below Ileana, Archduchess of Habsburg-Tuscany, former Princess of Romania, is at a ball in Vienna dancing on the Emperor Waltz. The atmosphere of mid-1930s Austrian capital was still a serene and even aristocratic one. However, the stormy years of the war were fast approaching, signalled by Hitler’s Austrian anschluss..Ileana “always dreaded [such an event] as it meant the final annihilation of her adopted country of which she had become immensely fond”, her mother wrote in those days. Queen Marie also recorded that “when I called up Ileana to know if she had reached Sonnenberg safely, I at first could not understand what she was saying, imaging that she was talking English, I could not grasp that she was saying in German that we must talk only in German…” DM

And for a complete audition of the Emperor Waltz (Kaiserwalzer) of Johann Strauss you may listen a contemporary interpretation from 2008.

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