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Tsarina & Alexis/Ernst Duke of Hesse w. his sons & Nicholas II of Russia w. Alexis


An album of informal photographs by Grand Duchess Eleonor of Hesse, recording a family holiday with the Russian Imperial family at the Imperial residence of Livadia in the Crimea and on the Imperial Yacht “Standart”, many including Tsar Nicholas II and his family, 89 silver gelatin prints, each c.80 x 105mm., a few items evidently removed, mounted on both sides of card leaves, a group of 10 enlarged copy prints with typed captions loosely inserted, upper cover gilt lettered “Krym. April-Mai 1912”. It was sold for £ 15000 at Bloomsbury Auctions on 25th March 2009 in London. The photographs were taken mostly by Eleonor Grand Duchess of Hesse. The album includes views of the palace at Livadia and portraits of Georg and Ludwig of Hesse, the Tsarina with her son Alexis, the Tsar and Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig with their sons, the Tsar’s daughters Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia, members of the Imperial and Hessian families playing tennis, on board the Standart and in group portraits.

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