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Michael of Romania w. his mother Princess Helen - Diana mandache collection

Michael of Romania w. his mother Princess Helen at Mamaia  (Diana Mandache collection)

Mamaia, like Balcic located more to the South, was one of the resorts on the Black Sea shore frequented by the Romanian Royal Family. Princess Helen liked this place and spent many a summer holiday there together with her son Michael. The Royal Palace in Mamaia was given as a gift to Helen by her mother-in-law, Queen Marie. The images posted here show a happy mother and son during the summers of late 1920s when King Michael of Romania was an infant. Members of the Greek royal family were also usual guests there, who often brought Prince Philip (now the Duke of Edinburgh) with them. See the photograph bellow where Helen is together with the two infants, Michael and Philip (on the right hand side).

Helen & Michael of Romania w. the Greek royal family at Mamaia (DM)

Helen & Michael of Romania w. the Greek royal family at Mamaia (Diana Mandache collection)

Michael of Romania: A happy holyday at the Black Sea - Diana Mandache collection

Michael of Romania: A happy holiday at the Black Sea (Diana Mandache collection)

The Mamaia Royal Palace was sold in  the early 1930s to the Ministry of War and during the communist period remained administered by the armed forces. After 1989 the former palace became an unkept casino used by uncultured Romanian nouveau riche, who indulge there in worst excesses, an epitome of the state of the contemporary Romanian society and its contrast with the settled country of the inter-war period. ©Diana Mandache

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