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King Michael at Elisabeta Palace, 23 April 2009

King Michael at the Elisabeta Palace, 23 April 2009

Today King Michael of Romania made a speech in support of Prince Radu’s candidacy for the forthcoming elections for the chief of state. King Michael said the following:

I spent half a century in exile together with my family and another ten years in government imposed restrictions in our own country. For us these were the most terrible years and perhaps for the country were even worse. Our whole life was dedicated to serving the country as we always wished to see her powerful, prosperous and proud within Europe. During these more than six decades all good hopes of the Romanian people were shattered, one by one. […] The right deed comes at the right time for the country. I believe that this moment has arrived. 

My Family through its presence in the democratic elections for the institution of the Chief of State strives to unite and restore to a state of health contemporary Romania. We want to prove how the people should be properly served. I am fully confident that Prince Radu has the capacity to bear forward this important responsibility and high ideal. […]

Romania faces difficult times. […] I appeal to you all in supporting this important step forward for Romania. In these moments the country needs you united and generous, cohesive and responsible. […]

Let us together give Romania hope in this difficult year!

So help us God!

Mihai R.

Elisabeta Palace, 23 April 2009


The TV broadcast was eagerly awaited by the Romanian public, but unfortunately the image and sound stream was strangely disturbed throughout the transmission, with the consequence that the broadcast was not shown live but with a certain delay. This being Romania, we hope that was not intentional from the authorities and only a technical fault.  ©Diana Mandache

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