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An exquisite Victorian silver-mounted tortoiseshell folding photograph frame (54.5x29cm), made in London, c. 1890, was sold for £13,200 in London two years ago at the peak of the market (June 2007). It was estimated between £3,000 up to £5,000. This item came from the collection of Princess Maria Gabriella di Savoia. The frame has a rectangular form with shaped cresting, the back-plate issuing two sets of three hinged leaves marked, fully marked, fitted with photographs of the Savoia family members, including Umberto II, King of Italy, (1904-1983) and Maria-José, Queen of Italy, (1906-2001).

I very much like this sort of royal memorabilia as well as the Victorian folding screens with photographs, like the one in the image below that once adorned one of the Cotroceni Palace rooms in Romania.

Victorian Folders screens, interior from one of the Romanian Royal residences  www.royalromania.wordpress.com
Victorian Folder screens, Cotroceni Palace (Bucharest), residence of Marie and Ferdinand of Romania, photo taken late 19th century   www.royalromania.wordpress.com 


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