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The great day came when it was decided that the King and I should make our first round through Transylvania to visit our liberated people…  As this is, to a certain degree, a Queen’s confession […]

 Everywhere indescribably picturesque receptions, the pesants flocking together in thousands, the most distant villages having sent deputations to greet us. A never-ending pageant of wonderful costumes varying according to the districts, for Romania, like Yugoslavia, is a land of costumes. The different processions were sometimes quite fantastic in their quaint variety, some of the women’s dresses and head-dresses strangely reminiscent of the Middle Ages and of the coifs, wimples and hoods of our ancestors.

Later Chapters of My Life. The Lost Memoir of Queen Marie of Romania, DM (ed.), Sutton, 2004

Source: newsreel ITN

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