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King Simeon of Bulgaria

King Simeon of Bulgaria

King Simeon of Bulgaria has submitted documents showing he has all rights to deal with the royal property in Bulgaria. The letter of attorney has been issued on December 20, 1999, in Munich, and is signed by five of Simeon’s relatives giving him all rights to manage the property of Bulgaria’s Tsars Ferdinand I and Boris III. The information was announced on September 24 by Simeon’s press secretary, Tsvetelina Uzunova, and was revealed in connection with statements coming for the Chair of the Parliamentary Anti-Corruption Committee and leader of the far right Order, Law and Justice party, who is questioning the royal property restitution in Bulgaria. The date of the letter is one year after the Bulgarian Constitutional Court declared the Nationalization of the Private Property of the Bulgarian Royal Family Act illegal. Simeon of Bulgaria had further submitted with the Parliament and other State institutions additional documents showing the relations with his family have been settled clearly and according to the law. [Source: Sofia news agency]

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