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The book ‘The King’s Secret Files’ was published in August this year and it is written by a Bulgarian journalist Alexenia Dimitrova.  The documents  feature materials about Simeon of Bulgaria written and collected by 50 agents of the Communist State Security between 1946 -1993. The documents tell the story of young Simeon’s amorous exploits, about the plotting of several attacks and extortions against him in 1950 and 1990, about his probes whether he or one of his children could visit Bulgaria during the communism period, about his readiness to become prime minister, shared as early as the 1960s, about his meetings with the Pope. The book reveals that the State Security tried to find a Bulgarian girlfriend for one of  Simeon’s sons – Konstantin, and that the State security watched at his relations with world leaders and the CIA. The documents discuss that the royal family received only restricted financial help from the Communist Government when it was exiled in 1946, and that the Pope advised him to give up the throne. The State Security gathered information about his connections with Moroccan, French and Spanish companies. Simeon became King of Bulgaria in 1943 at the age of six after the mysterious death of his father King Boris III. He was exiled from Bulgaria to Egypt in 1946. He retained his title as Tsar and became a businessman, making periodic political pronouncements through his chancellery located in Madrid where he lived since 1951. He returned to Bulgaria in 1996 after the fall of communism and became prime minister between 2001-2005.

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