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Funeral of King Alexander. In the image Queen Maria, King Peter II of Yugoslavia, Prince Paul and Carol II of Romania

The Funeral of King Alexander, October 1934. In the image Queen Maria of Yugoslavia, King Peter II of Yugoslavia, Prince Paul of Yugoslavia, King Carol II of Romania, Prince Arsene of Yugoslavia (Diana Mandache collection)

A Memorial Service was held at Oplenac  on the occasion of 75th Anniversary of the assassination of  King Alexander I of Yugoslavia. The Holy Liturgy in the memory of  King Alexander was served in the Church of St. George in Oplenac.  Crown Princess Katherine attended the Holy Liturgy service. With church bells ringing,  Crown Prince Alexander II (grandson), Prince Philip (great grandson), Prince Vladimir (grandson), Crown Princess Katherine and Princess Brigitta, together with members of the Crown Council laid wreaths at King Alexander I tomb in the mausoleum of the Church of St. George in Oplenac. After the commemoration, an exhibition “Statesman and warrior path of King Alexander I Karadjordjevic” was officially opened at King Peter I house in Oplenac. Following the ceremony in Oplenac, Their Royal Highnesses, together with the members of the Crown Council and H.E. Mr. Nils Krister Bringeus, Ambassador of Sweden, went to Avala, where they laid wreaths at the Monument of Unknown Hero. Yesterday in Marseilles, Crown Prince Alexander II and Prince Philip attended a commemoration for King Alexander and Louis Barthou.

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