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Last night (28 Dec.2009) I watched on the Romanian national TV station (TVR1) a short interview with HM King Michael of Romania. It preceded the message of the Romanian Royal Family for the New Year 2010.

I was thrilled to hear HM analyzing the precarious state of nation, now in a middle of an economic and political crisis, in such an even headed and informed manner. HM cares about and deeply loves his country, no matter how many evils are inside the society. King Michael stated that he well understands that during the soviet occupation and subsequent communist regime the mentalities of many fellow citizens were radically altered, and many of the civilization values gained during the Kingdom vanished in many ways. What HM does not embrace is the continuous decay of the country in the last two decades, since it is truly free from outside oppression, generated because of the eternal political disputes, un-European mores and attitudes, which brought Romania into a deep economic crisis, from which it will now take many years to recover.

The monarchy has modernised the country over eight eventful decades since the 1860s until mid 1940s. What remains today of the country is only a shadow of the glorious old Kingdom of Romania; a shadow of a state that has a long and difficult way ahead to recover its values and prosperity…

Diana Mandache