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St Johann Evangelist church, Sigmaringen/ Photo ©Diana Mandache

On this day 117 years ago Princess Marie of Edinburgh  & Ferdinand Prince of Romania got married at Sigmaringen, in the splendid baroque church shown above.

10 January 1893: At 16.30 hours the Dean Lauchert celebrated the religious wedding in the Roman Catholic rite in the Church of the Court. At this ceremony, beside the couple, participated the Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany, King Carol I of Romania, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Josephine of Hohenzollern, Prince and Princess Leopold of Hohenzollern, the Duke and Duchess of Connaught as representatives of Queen Victoria, the Great Duke Alexei of Russia, Princesses Victoria and Alexandra of Great Britain and Ireland, Prince Alfred of Great Britain, the Earl of Flanders and Prince Albert of Belgium and his son, the Crown Prince of Saxe-Meiningen with the Princess, Prince and Princess Wilhelm of Hohenzollern, Prince and Princess Frederick of Hohenzollern, Prince Carol of Hohenzollern, Earl Schuwalov the Russian Ambassador in Berlin, Sir Malet the English Ambassador in Berlin, Sir John Cowell, Major-General and Marshal of Queen Victoria’s Court, Major-General Arthur Ellis Marshal of the Prince of Wales’s Court, General Major Schrabisch messenger of the Duke of Coburg, Wedel Minister of Prussian Royal House, Chamberlain Edgar of Wedel, and on the part of Romania – the Prime Minister Lascar Catargiu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Al. Lahovary, the president of law assemblies G.Gr.Cantacuzino and General G. Manu, former ministers Dimitrie A. Sturdza and General I.Em.Florescu and I.Kalinderu.

After the service, the Anglican vicar Mr. Lloyd, sent by Queen Victoria, celebrated the religious wedding in the Anglican rite in the Red Hall of the Sigmaringen Castle.

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