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The Anglican Church was specially close to Queen Marie’s heart as she has been born & raised in that confession. She was a regular participant to church services for the whole period since the church was inaugurated in 1920, throughout her life. Please see the following interesting video which reviews the history of this building.

This post has initially been published under the authorship of Valentin Mandache on his blog Historic Houses of Romania.

The Bucharest Anglican church with its standard issue late Victorian Gothic style, designed by the Romanian architect V. Stefanescu, is quite a singular architectural presence in Bucharest, a city endowed with a rich Byzantine church architecture and a very incongruous mix of civilian architectural styles from French inspired, native Neo-Romanian, Art Deco, modernist and communist brutalist. The church was built in 1914-’20, and during the Cold War has been the sole functioning official Anglican church behind the Iron Curtain.©Valentin Mandache