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The historical Diamond Fringe Tiara of  Imperial Russian design  – Kokoshnik – belonged to Marie Grand Duchess of Russia, Duchess of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha received from her father, the Tsar Alexander II. Marie Alexandrovna bequeathed it to her eldest daughter, Queen Marie of Romania, who in her turn gave it to her daughter Queen Maria of Yugoslavia. This historical royal tiara was ultimately sold by Maria, the Queen Mother of Yugoslavia in July 1960 through Sotheby’s for an amount of £ 10,800 to Levy Cohen. The photomontage above shows the three Maries (grandmother, daughter and granddaughter) wearing this beautiful piece of jewellery on a background formed by the tiara itself.

Queen Marie of Romania w. the famous kokoshnik tiara. The Paintings are by Philip de Laszlo, 1936

Description: the larger vertical sections are set with cushion-shaped stones and pear-shaped stones at the tips, alternating with smaller collet-set sections, the whole graduating from the center, made in the early 19th century.

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see also Philip de Laszlo in 1936 at the Romanian Royal Court