Silver wedding anniversary of Princess Katherine and Prince Alexander of Serbia (20-21 September)

Interview: Frankfurtske vesti, 19 Sep 2010

Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine, together with family and distinguished guests from Serbia and abroad, marked their 25th wedding anniversary during two days celebration. That was a good occasion for Crown Prince Alexander to talk to “Vesti” about Serbia today and the Karadjordjevic dynasty. The silver wedding anniversary is an important jubilee. What could you tell us about your marriage?

Crown Prince Alexander: Wonderful 25 years with Katherine who has been so good to me and the children. We have done so much together and seen a lot. The last 9 years have been extraordinary since I came back to my roots in Serbia and Katherine has valiantly stood by me. Katherine has done so much helping the people of Serbia with her valiant humanitarian work

Next year will be 10 years of your return to Serbia. How would you rate those ten years from the aspect of the Government treatment towards you, and how from the aspect of citizens?

Crown Prince Alexander: My relations with both the people and all democratically orientated politicians was always open, sincere and honest. It was like that in 1991 when I first came to Serbia, and it is the same today. Everything that my wife and I have been doing during all this time, was just a confirmation of our attitude. I do not feel any difference in how people treat us now in regards how it was in the past. However, I must admit that my contacts with people from the establishment are not so regular and frequent as they were during 1990s and for some years after the 5 October Revolution. This is pity, because I know that I can still contribute very much in our mutual struggle for our country’s better future. Sometimes it is easier for me to get in touch with some high ranking people abroad than in my own country, but I hope that it will change for better.

Interview: Ilustrovana politika, 16 Sep 2010

Crown Prince Alexander: I have learnt from the experience of the past and learn something new everyday. There are some who know everything, I am one who learns something new everyday. And on the occasion of our jubilee I wish her good health and happiness always.

Crown Princess Katherine: I feel blessed to have spent 25 challenging and happy years with the man that I love so much, the king of my life and of my heart, and to celebrate it at home. One of the happiest moments during the last two and a half decades was the day my husband came home the first time in his life, a dream that came true and a dream that I could have never fulfilled for him. Also, my husband’s 50 birthday when he expressed the wish to celebrate his 60th birthday at home. So the happiest moment was when we celebrated his 60th birthday at home in the Palace. When we all gathered together as family during the holidays. He has been making me happy on a daily basis. I really cannot think of anything else he can do other than continue loving me with same consistent way his has for all these years.