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A Very Happy Birthday to HM King Michael of Romania, 25 October 2010!

HM King Michael of Romania celebrates today his 89th birthday! He is an example to follow by all his fellow countrymen of high moral standards and dignity in the face of vicious and continuous adversity endured throughout his life, a monarch and a human being to be respected by the generations to come! In my work over the years as a historian, I came across a great multitude of books and articles on HM King Michael and also researched countless archive materials covering the inter-war period, the dramatic WWII and the postwar years. The common denominator of all of these documents is the upright attitude, compassion, continuous striving for justice and great personal suffering and sacrifices of His Majesty. King Michael’ memory and exemplary deeds have also been all around me while I grew up in communist Romania, during his long and difficult years of exile. His memory was kept alive by our grand parents, many of whom proudly served their county under our Sovereign and had the fondest memories of him. I vividly remember my grandfather, who was a member of the Romanian Royal Air Forces during the WWII, talking each and every day about His Majesty, about his character, about the freedom and prosperity the country was contemplating to achieve under his reign in the postwar peacetime, but which sadly have never materialised. Every story my grandfather was referring to, was pointed in time “before the war”, “during the war” or “after the war”. In all that very emotional recounting, King Michael of Romania was a central figure. His Majesty’s speeches for the New Year’s eve on Radio Free Europe or the Voice of America were always eagerly awaited by my family and constituted the highlight of the year for countless Romanians during the dark and long years of the communist dictatorship. HM King Michael of Romania’s life example is even more relevant nowadays, during a chaotic post-communist transition, when rapaciousness, rush to get rich quick and disregard of one’s fellow being gravely affects the moral fabric of the country.

To celebrate this great event for us, there is a special charity concert today 25th October at 6 pm at the ‘Romanian Athenaeum’ concert hall in Bucharest.

Diana Mandache