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Prince Alexander Battenberg died on 23 October 1893 in Graz, Austria. His remains according to his last wish were brought in Sofia in November 1893 and were temporarily placed inside St George Church.

St. George Church (Rotunda)

On 3 January 1898, his remains were interred in a purpose built mausoleum.

The Times’ correspondent in Sofia on 27 November 1893 describes Alexander’s funeral:  ‘Prince Ferdinand [of Bulgaria] with his military and civil suite and a host of notables, met the body at the station. Premier Stambuloff made an eloquent address, after which the coffin was removed. The senior officers of the First Infantry Regiment, which bears the dead Prince’s name, deposited the coffin on the gun carriage. The procession was long and imposing. The Prince’s charger followed the coffin. Then came prince Ferdinand, between Prince Alexander’s brothers. The Princess Ferdinand awaited the cortège at the cathedral. A requiem was sung and the body was then placed temporarily in the Church of St.George, where another service was held and |Prince Ferdinand delivered a brief oration. The Bulgarian troops which took part in the procession afterwards defiled past Prince Ferdinand and Prince Alexander’s brothers’.


The coat of arms of the House of Battenberg

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