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HRH Princess Margarita of Romania, Bucharest, 6 December 2010

HRH Princess Margarita and HRH Prince Radu, representatives of HM King Michael and HM Queen Anne, at the re-inauguration of King Carol I equestrian statue in Bucharest, 6 Dec 2010 (©Valentin Mandache)


Old photo from the early 1940s showing the original statue of King Carol I by Ivan Mestrovic, Bucharest (Diana Mandache collection)

The original statue was the master-work of the famous Croatian/ Yugoslav sculptor Ivan Mestovic and has been inaugurated on 10 May 1939, the National Day of the Romanian Kingdom.  The statue has been pulled down by the communist government in 1948, a few months after the forced abdication of the King Michael, in a barbaric show of force using Soviet tanks to tear down the structure.

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