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I would like to invite you to listen to HM King Michael of Romania’s radio message to the nation, broadcast 14 years ago by Radio Free Europe, shortly before he was allowed to return to Romania by officially regaining the country’s citizenship, abusively withdrawn by the communist regime nearly five decades before, on 2 February 1948. It is a highly emotional instance to listen to such a remarkable personality that has suffered with such a high dignity and indeed heroically for his country, for so many years. My hope is for those who listen, to meditate on the recent tragic history of Romania under the terrible communist dictatorship. In his message, King Michael expresses his happiness and joy for regaining his rights as a simple Romanian citizen and also pledging “to remain faithful to my oath taken when I have been proclaimed the sovereign of this country; I do not belong to any group or party, but I belong to every one of you… I come towards you not to demand, but to give, not to command, but to unite…” Those extraordinary words were uttered 14 years ago…, how many of us have listened and answered to His Majesty’s gracious call? DM