PEARLS. Royal splendour – Modern design. Special exhibition. 11 Feb. 2012 – 28 May, 2012

Pearls – the jewels of the sea – have fascinated us for two thousand years with their particular allure. They are timeless and have been used as status symbols by royalty and the powerful to demonstrate position and wealth.
At Rosenborg Castle you can experience the many forms of the pearl, and see the delicate concordance between the historic use of pearls and modern interpretations. The exhibition will inform you about what a pearl actually is and introduce you to Akoya, Tahitian, and South Sea pearls.
The exhibition provides, on the one hand, cultural historical insight through historical artefacts and ornaments, and on the other shows new, unique, creative ideas for pearl creations.

The tiara is most likely from 1825, when it was donated to Princess Louise of the Netherlands, the Queen’s great-grandmother. The tiara is part of a set, considered to be among the most prestigious pices of jewelry in the Danish royal family’s possession. One of the highlights of the exhibition is the impressive Perlepoire diadem, which HM Queen Margrethe has graciously loaned for the occasion. Among the jewels of former queens you can see the unhappy Queen Caroline Mathilde’s wedding present of 1768 – a necklace of freshwater pearls collected by Scottish women. 

Baroque pearl ornament from the treasury at Rosenborg Castle, made in Germany ca. 1570. The pearl is shaped like a dolphin, and the ornament has been used as a toothpick. Photo: Rosenborg Castle

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