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“Fatherland and Destiny” [Patrie si Destin], hardback, 288 pages, brings for the first time together, a significant part of the myriad of events, places and people encountered throughout the life of Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess Margarita of Romania. Her destiny is often congruent with that of her father, King Michael, and her life has been profoundly influenced by the more recent history of her country and south east Europe. His Majesty is the one who, by naming Princess Margarita as his successor, has shown vision in understanding the necessity to adapt to the realities of the new century, paralleling the approach of his illustrious predecessors King Carol I or King Ferdinand, in the 19th or the 20th century. Modernity and adaptability to new conditions thus ensures the continuation of the monarchy. Diana Mandache

the book will be released on 31 May 2012, 2 pm, at Bookfest, in Bucharest. Litera publishing house