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X Ray picture of Queen Elisabeth of Romania’s hand taken with an early Roentgen machine (www.royalromania.wordpress.com)

Queen Elisabeth of Romania (Carmen Sylva) had in 1896 an x ray image of her right hand taken at ‘Scoala de Poduri’ in Bucharest (the old Romanian technical university), with the first Roentgen machine imported in the country. The queen volunteered to have this photograph taken in order to inspire confidence in her fellow countrymen in that revolutionary medical technology based on x rays, discovered by the German professor Wilhelm Roentgen just the year before, in 1895. It is in my opinion a valuable piece of medical, social and also royal history. The radiography was recently sold for 800 Euro (in my view well bellow its market and historic value) at a Bucharest auction house (starting price 250 Euro). Diana Mandache