The Queen visits the Chelsea Flower Show (22 May 2012)

A new poll shows that 80 % of Britons want to remain subjects of the Queen, with just 13 % in favour of living in a republic, the lowest proportion for at least 20 years. More than 1,000 British adults polled last weekend were asked: “Would you favour Britain becoming a republic or remaining a monarchy?” Support for the monarchy is highest among the over-55s, at 88 %, but even in the 18-24 age group 73 % favour the current system, with just 17 per cent wanting a republic and 10 % undecided. Conservative supporters are most likely to be monarchists – 96% prefer Britain to have a monarch rather than become a republic compared to three quarters (74%) of Labour supporters and 84% of Liberal Democrats.

A spokesman of Ipsos MORI said: “Since the Royal wedding the publicity the Royal family has received has been phenomenal, particularly for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”.

Source Ipsos MORI ©