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Her Royal Highness The Princess Sophie showed her photography works for the first time during the “Rencontres Culturelles” exhibitions at the Château de Tronjoly in Western France during the summer of 2011. At the end of the 2 weeks, the public was invited to vote for their favourite pieces of art and Her Royal Highness won the Public’s Favourite Works prize in the category of photography.

As a result of this first photographic exhibition, Princess Sophie has been invited back for a new show at Tronjoly this summer. This year, Princess Sophie will be showing a much larger number of works than the five displayed in 2011. She has chosen the 50 most representative pieces of her present work for the coming exhibition.

The Princess has been dabbling in photography for many years. As part of her art studies at the University of North Carolina in Asheville (USA), Princess Sophie took a year and a half of Black and White photography, as well as Cibachrome. Cibachrome is a technique used by the photographer to transfer a colour slide over to a paper print in the darkroom, a straightforward but tricky 45 minute process for each print done in total darkness.

Through these classes and countless hours in the darkroom, Her Royal Highness discovered just how much she loved this medium. She didn’t, however get into it on a professional level until the last few years. During this time her work has naturally evolved. Today it is representative of moods, atmospheres and feelings, more than her previous work ever was.

This coming exhibition at the Château de Tronjoly will be a revelation for those who are not familiar with her work, and a joy for those who are. The Princess’s 50 photographs will be on display and for sale in two large rooms on the second floor of the building overlooking the grounds of the Château, from July 1st through August 29th.