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Princess Marie of Romania dressed as the sun at a fancy ball in Bucharest, Cotroceni Palace, October 1896. Photo by Franz Mandy.

In those days balls at Court were official functions; the mothers came with their daughters and everybody had taken the trouble to dress up, even the old ladies, and the Ministers, who also had to be invited, actually came in coloured fraques. I can still see portly old General Manu, Peter Carp, Take Ionescu, Marghiloman; even these important gentlemen had accepted the spirit of the evening and everybody seemed well amused. Only old Lascar Catargi, for if I rightly remember, we still had a Conservative Government in, came in sober black. These more weighty personages of course did not remain very long, and gradually the crowd thinned and we danced till our feet ached.

… there were many good costumes of which I remember in particular Alexandrina Cantacuzino  as Walküre, and Radu Vacarescu as Murat in a white and gold Empire uniform. (Queen Marie of Romania)

Alexandrina Cantacuzino at a fancy ball costume (c) www.dianamandache.com

Alexandrina Cantacuzino as Walküre at a fancy ball costume, Cotroceni, Bucharest 1896