The Duchess of Cambridge holds Prince George as he and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge’s look on while visiting the Sensational Butterflies exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London. The family released the photo ahead of the first birthday of Prince George on July 22.

According to the forensic artist Dr D’Lynn Waldron this is what Prince George will look like when he turns 18.

Dr Waldron, professor in forensic age progression, has used the royal baby’s own ears and forehead in the picture, which predicts him as a teenager. “This is a very carefully researched image – based on Prince George’s baby pictures and his parents’ features,” said Dr Waldron, who spent hours studying pictures of the young royal. “He already has a quiff in his hair. I think he will definitely be a hit with the ladies.” (Source: www.express.co.ukGorgeous George: Is this what young prince will look like at 18?)