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Prince Carol of Romania in Japan (Diana Mandache collection)


These photos were taken with the occasion of Carol’s visit to Japan, one of the legs of the World Tour (February-September 1920) undertaken by the prince after the annulment of his marriage to Zizi Lambrino.

General Constantin Gavanescul, who had accompanied Prince Carol in this extensive trip, wrote unique, at times naive, recollections about this visit, presenting the official ceremonies, saying that: ‘It is clear that we are the guests of a great Emperor and of a country that knows how to honor its guests’; the thousands of children welcoming the Prince; the inexistence of beggars…’  The general also speaks about the tea houses and their geishas or the ‘little, delicate and tender’ local women (see ‘Ocolul lumii in sapte luni si o zi’ by Constantin Gavanescul, vol. 5, Japonia, Ramuri, 1926).
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