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The Letters of Marie Alexandrovna, Grand Duchess of Russia, Duchess of Edinburgh and her daughter, Princess Marie of Edinburgh, Crown Princess of Romania (1879-1900); hardback, 472 pp., 40 photos , RRB, October 2011.

Marie Alexandrovna’s life and character has been imprinted by her upbringing at the Russian imperial court, as the daughter of Tsar Alexander II, in a grandiose and yet level-headed milieu that in a great measure personified her father’s way of life and vision of the world. Her personality was thus a distinctive mix of dominant behaviour and imperial outlook, tempered by an astute, realistic perception of the world. Diana Mandache

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From Rosvall Royal Books:

Today we publish a new book in our series on the Royal Families of Europe. This one is called DEAREST MISSY and consists of the correspondence between Marie Alexandrovna, Grand Duchess of Russia and Duchess of Edinburgh and of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and her daughter, Marie, Crown Princess of Romania 1879-1900. A truly fascinating collection of old letters, transcribed and edited by Romanian historian Dr. Diana Mandache. Many rare and never before published illustrations.

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