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A very Happy Birthday to HM King Michael of Romania!

HM King Michael of Romania:

“I have served the Romanian nation throughout a life that has been long and full of events, some of them happy, many of them unhappy. Eighty-four years since I became King, I can say without hesitation to the Romanian nation: After freedom and democracy, the most important things to be gained are identity and dignity. Here a major responsibility rests upon the Romanian elite.”

HM King Michael (Photo ©by Diana Mandache)

HM King Michael of Romania, 25 October 2011 (Photographs by Diana Mandache & Valentin Mandache, Bucharest)

HM King Michael: “We cannot have a future without respecting the past”. “The royal crown is not a symbol of the past but a unique representation of our independence, sovereignty and unity”.

HM King Michael, Crown Princess Margarita, Princess Helena, Alexander Nixon, Prince Radu, 25 October 2011 Bucharest (Photo ©by Diana Mandache)